Nithsdale Road Nursery

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Enrolment Procedures


All nursery places are allocated in line with the Council’s admissions policy. The nursery staff will be happy to advise you about how this policy operates when you apply for a place for your child. A leaflet detailing the Council’s policy is also available from all establishments, or you can get advice by clicking this link: Early Years


Please contact the nursery if you wish to complete an Application Form.  A register of all applicants is kept by the Head of Establishment and the information contained in the applications will be considered by the admissions panel to assist in the allocation of places.

Parents can ask to see their application form at any time. If circumstances change which affect the application you should speak to the head of establishment.


The admissions panel will meet at regular intervals throughout the year to decide how nursery places will be allocated. The panel consists of heads of early years establishments in the area and representatives of the other agencies involved in supporting children and their families e.g. social worker, health visitor.

Please note that the length of time a child’s name has been on the register will not affect the child’s priority for admission.

Parents will be contacted by the Head of the Establishment when a place is available, usually in the April or May preceding entry in August. When children start nursery, there is a settling in period during which parents are invited to stay within the nursery. Our settling in procedures will be discussed when parents and children visit the nursery prior to admission.


You can now contact  'Glasgow Family Information Services' to find out the availability of nursery places in Glasgow.  Their website is or telephone them on 0141 287 4702.