Nithsdale Road Nursery

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Eco Schools

The nursery now has 4 Green Flags (the most recent being awarded May 2020) for our continued commitment to the environment.  We have elected an Eco-Committee which meets regularly and includes representatives from the children, staff and parents.

Each year, the committee identifies a number of green issues which will encourage children, their families and the wider community to become more environmentally aware.

Our Eco Topics this year are: Litter, Energy and Health & Wellbeing


The children have written their own Eco Song which they sing regularly:



Magic moments when our hearts are caring
Magic moments memories we’ll be sharing
We are an Eco Nursery
These magic moments made with love

We care for the birds
We care for the bugs
With food and shelter

We care for our world
We grow fruit and veg 
We pick up litter!