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Newsletter September 2020
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Parent’s letter 2020


I would like to extend a welcome return to all of our children and families who attended last year. I am delighted that the time has finally arrived that we can all be together again. It has been inspiring and joyful to see the children arrive with their big smiles and see them play with their friends again. I am sure like us there was some worry how the children would react to leaving you but they have been incredible. Much of that is down to you as parents that you have given your children the confidence and reassurance that everything is ok. Back in March when we said farewell I talked about resilience and the children have shown incredible resilience after such a long period of uncertainty and I am sure for everyone times were difficult.  As parents you are your child’s first educator and we should never underestimate the important job that you all do. Things will feel and look different at the moment as we negotiate our new start. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure that we all stay safe and healthy and your children can enjoy their pre-school year here at Nithsdale Road. Your opinion is very important to me and I believe that we cannot deliver the best service without your help. If there are any aspects of the service that you feel we could improve on or indeed there are aspects of our service that you particularly like, please let us know. I will always endeavour to do the best for you and your children and I appreciate and thank you for your patience and continued support





Outdoor play

 Scottish Government suggests that outdoor environments can limit transmissions of Covid-19 as well as more easily allowing for the appropriate physical distancing between children, staff and parents.

 As we slowly return to our ‘normal’ a key focus will be on outdoor learning We are very fortunate here that we do have such a high quality outdoor space for learning we also benefit from having access to Bellahouston Park and our Forest Kindergarten.

In her recent guest blog ( Kathryn Solly notes:


“The evidence is that children need at least 3 hours a day outside and as that is only a quarter of most young children’s waking hours, it is very achievable. Over time it provides an essential foundation for their lives. Having experienced lockdown many children will really need to develop their confidence in different ways:


? to experience freedom and regain trust and confidence

? to make genuine play choices

? to freely run, jump, balance, climb, spin, splash etc.

? to manage their own behaviour

? to challenge themselves

? to take risks and assess them for themselves

? to co-operate, collaborate and learn together”

Children will still have opportunities for spending time indoors with small groups and their key worker. We have a very skilled team here at Nithsdale Road and they will continue to offer high quality learning experiences to support children’s literacy and numeracy skills both indoors and out. Please feel free to have a chat with your child’s key worker, Mary and Lorna our Team Leaders or myself on any aspect of outdoor learning. As we spend more time outdoors it is important that children are safe in the sun. Please apply sun cream to your child before they come to nursery.

Key Workers and Groups

Yellow Group – Jamie/Ibriz

Blue Group- Julia/Noreen

Red Group- Carly/Ammara

Green Group- Emma/Liz

We also have Sophie our Modern Apprentice (PSA)


Snacks/Toy fund

The children will continue to have their morning snack with fruit/milk/water. At the moment we are refraining from offering cereal/toast but hope to reintroduce this soon. Thank you for your continued support with toy fund payment (3.00) I do appreciate that some families may be under pressure financially so please do not add to this by worrying about this. Eileen is happy to take money termly or for now she will be available on Tuesdays to take any payments weekly.

Thank you for this, your support is invaluable.



Nursery Hours

From Monday 17th the nursery will open at 8am and close at 5pm.

AM: 8-12

PM: 1-5

The nursery will be cleaned over the lunchtime period.

Some of you have been asking about having to arrive in the morning at 8 or leave at 5 in the afternoon. These hours are to support parents who may be working or doing school drop off/pickups. Please don’t feel under pressure to be here at 8 on the button. If you wish to continue 8.45 till 11.45 or 1 till 4ish that’s absolutely fine.



 Environmental cleaning, personal hygiene and ventilation


  • A rigorous approach to environmental cleaning has been implemented to prevent the spread of the virus, in line with the arrangements set out by local and Scottish Government guidance.
  • Carol our Janitor has now extended her hours and will take on the role of day cleaner. This ensures that the nursery is cleaned thoroughly between sessions and throughout the day.
  • All toys and equipment will be cleaned by staff between sessions
  • Consideration should be given to limiting the extent to which children’s belongings are brought into nursery.
  • Children and  staff will clean their hands with soap and warm, running water or sanitizer, when they arrive at nursery, return from breaks, change rooms and before and after eating
  • There is provision of adequate hand-washing or sanitising facilities throughout the building.
  • Arrangements to support young children and those with complex needs who may need assistance
  • Children, young people and staff should be encouraged to catch coughs/sneezes with tissues or elbow
  • Where possible parents should use face coverings in and around the building.
  • PPE is on site and staff have access to gloves, aprons, masks and visors should they be required in the event of a child needing changed or first aid treatment required.
  • All playrooms/meeting rooms will be ventilated and windows and doors where appropriate will be opened regularly.


If your child becomes ill?

The whole nursery community should be vigilant for the symptoms of COVID-19. The most common symptoms are:

  • New continuous cough
  • Fever/high temperature
  • Loss of, or change in, sense of smell or taste.

It is important that your child should not attend nursery if symptomatic, but instead self-isolate (along with their household) and follow guidance on NHS inform and from Test and Protect. If your child becomes ill whilst at nursery they will be isolated in a well -ventilated room and parents will be contacted for immediate pick up. This should be a member of their household and not a neighbour/friend or relative who does not live with them.  If an individual is so unwell and they require an ambulance we will call 999 and notify handler that we are concerned about COVID-19.


It is important that we get the email address and mobile telephone of the main contact for your child. Group call is the system we use to contact you. There is an app available called Xpressions. I have enclosed a link on how to access this:

Mary is our Digital Leader of Learning and she is happy to support any parent who is may be needing support to download this.

You can also get updates on our website www.nithsdaleroad  or Twitter @NithsdaleroadNS

0141 427 1896

I am happy to meet with parents at this time at a safe distance if you have any concerns or issues that you might wish to discuss.


Kind Regards

Annemarie Miller

Head of Nursery